and Concierge

Storage, Vehicle Care, and Security

The Auto Inn provides comprehensive and secure vehicle storage. Our services include vehicle pick-up and delivery, fueling, battery charge maintenance, and detailing. We can also help you arrange for the best local shop for repairs and other specialized work.

We operate four clean, climate-controlled storage facilities comprising a total 26,000 sq. ft. Temperatures never exceed 80 degrees year-round in all of our buildings.

We maintain 24 cameras throughout our facilities that provide on-demand monitoring using any computer or cell phone. We employ a grave-yard shift security service that drives through our property once an hour to check for any unusual conditions or activity.

We maintain full Shopkeeper insurance that protects our customers in the event of natural disaster, fire, theft, vandalism, accident, or collision.

Our facilities are under 24/7 video surveillance and access is strictly controlled. 

Our Standard of Care

We are much more than a parking garage. Our service is personalized to meet the needs of each customer. All vehicles are stored with battery maintainers and dust covers. Hand washes are complimentary for all storage vehicles.

Short and Long Term Storage

Never again worry about your vehicle being stored outside or in anything less than the ideal environment. Protect your investment at The Auto Inn.

Pickup and Drop-off Service

We provide pickup and drop-off services at your home or at any other location. Our close proximinty to the airport and our trailer make for a safe and contactless experience.