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  • For 1966, the Fastback featured a redesigned grille, new instrument cluster, and newly styled wheels. An automatic transmission became available for the “HiPo” V8. Side scoops were absent on the GT model, making for a cleaner look while driving lamps were offered as standard equipment. In addition, the GT featured side racing stripes which took the place of chrome rocker panels, giving the vehicle a serious performance racing look.
  • At the time, Ford touted exterior styling features, of the Fastback, such as a unique roofline with swept back appearance, functional air vents in the roof's rear quarters, and a large rear window integrated into the curvature of the roof's sheet metal. Tinted glass in the rear was standard.
  • Although other Mustangs in 1966 sported the Mustang Pony emblem directly behind the front wheel wells, the GT Mustang featured a special GT emblem in its place. In addition, the letters “MUSTANG 2+2” were added to the lower front fender on the Fastback. The 1966 was also the first year Mustang featured standard backup lights.
  • On the inside, Ford offered a fivedial instrument cluster with fuel, oil pressure, amps, and engine temperature gauges. In addition to a rear folding seat, the Fastback models included dooroperated courtesy lights, a large panel mounted ashtray.